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As many millennials do, we met on one of those mobile dating apps (eh hem.. Tinder..) and had an instant connection! It didn't take long for Korey to make things "official" and asked Diana if she would be his girlfriend. Of course she said 'yes!' and it was a whirlwind after that.

We adopted an adorable blue nose pittie, moved in together, and started a business! Now here we are, chasing our dreams and building a career together as a MARRIED COUPLE!! (and we also have another pup!).

On a Saturday night (when we aren't shooting a wedding), you can probably find us watching Marvel movies and cuddling on the couch with our best pals, Zoey and Ace. We might also be scouting out the best restaurants in the area and we definitely can help you out with date night recommendations to our favorite Thai, Mexican and Ramen restaurants!

Meet Diana & Korey


Northern and Central New Jersey Wedding Photographer and Videographer

A Snapshot Into Our Life

Engagement + Wedding Photos: Hope and Stay Photography

We have two dogs names Zoey and Ace. Zoey is a blue nose pit and Ace is a potcake puppy (German Sheppard Terrier Mix from Turks and Caicos). Both are rescues-- if we could adopt 10 more dogs, we would!

Our favorite part of the day is cuddle time with these two! The minute we start to unwind after a long day of editing or shooting, they go into full cuddle mode!

Our custom pet Portraits for our Wedding Invitation Suite

Our Fur Babies

Diana has always been an avid traveler, jetting off to destinations like Peru, Ireland, Spain and China-- just to name a few.

Growing up, Korey never had a passport and never even boarded a plane until he met Diana! But now, all of that has changed. 

Our favorite place to travel together is anywhere in California! Our first big trip together was to San Diego.

Santa Barbara, California


After our venue, our photographer and videographer was our top priority. We absolutely love looking back at our photos and videos and this is a huge reason why we do what we do! Capturing so many memories for all of our couples makes our hearts so full. Your heirlooms will be passed down for generations!

Our First Look on Our WEdding Day

Our Wedding Photos

We're total nerds and always countdown to the next superhero movie release! We love all superhero movies but we're Team Marvel, hands down!

In the first year of our relationship, we attended the wedding of Diana's brother. Diana purchased these Deadpool Cufflinks for Korey to wear. 5 years later, Korey wore them at OUR wedding!

Korey's Deadpool Cufflinks

Marvel movie Date Nights

Our Favorite Things