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a fun-loving, goofy photo and video team who just so happen to be in love

Diana & Korey

As many millennials do, we met on one of those phone dating apps (eh hem.. Tinder..) and had an instant connection! It didn't take long for Korey to make things "official" and asked Diana if she would be his girlfriend.  Of course she said 'yes!' and it was a whirlwind after that.
We adopted an adorable blue nose pittie, moved in together, and started a business! Now here we are, 3 years later - chasing our dreams and building a career together as an ENGAGED COUPLE!! (and we also have another pup!).

On a Saturday night (when we aren't shooting a wedding), you can probably find us watching Marvel movies and cuddling on the couch with our best pals, Zoey and Ace. We might also be scouting out the best restaurants in the area and we definitely can help you out with date night recommendations to our favorite Thai, Mexican and Ramen restaurants!

Although we'd really love to tag along with our mom & dad on your wedding day, we will probably stay home to play tug-of-war instead! Mom and Dad will probably tell you all about that really cute thing we did!

will beg for treats • tug-of-war enthusiasts

Zoey + Ace

I know how awkward it can feel to be in front of a camera all day, but I promise to make it feel as natural as possible! I love to joke around and one of my favorite things to do is make people laugh (Diana will attest to that!).

dog dad • marvel aficionado


I promise to be an extra set of hands when you need help with your bouquet or your train, an expert boutonniere pinner and pocket square folder, water fetcher, and even more than all of that.. I promise to be your friend. 

dog mom • ice cream addict


Meet the Future Ostos

We're total goof balls and love to joke around and laugh. We are the king and queen of corny jokes and puns!

making corny jokes


Self proclaimed foodies, we love trying out new foods and restaurants!

finding new restaurants


Our favorite part of the day is cuddle time with the dogs! The minute we start to unwind, they go into full cuddle mode!

cuddling our pups ace + zoey


We love strolling down the boardwalk hand in hand, playing games and eating all the snacks!

date nights at the beach


Some of our favorite things

We believe...

in kissing good night | that everything happens for a reason | in holding hands | and laughing 'til it hurts

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