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Unlock the Magic of an Elkins Estate Wedding in Philadelphia

Newlyweds stand under a large flower arch on the ornate stairs of the Elkins Estate

Nestled onto a 42-acre parcel just outside Philadelphia is Elkins Estate, a lovingly restored Manor house with European gardens. Its rich history is nearly as grand as its remarkable architecture, and today, couples can take advantage of the property’s beauty for an unforgettable wedding. An Elkins Estate wedding is full of opulence, perfect for transporting your guests into an era of grandeur. 

Details of a wedding ceremony set up with wooden chairs under a tree on stairs at the Elkins Estate Details of large florals set up lining some stairs Bridal details sit on a white table Details of a black piano sitting in a large room with gold trim and decor Details of a wedding reception table with pink rose centerpieces Details of a head table set up for the newlyweds with large florals and pink linen Details of a large reception table set up under a large mural and chandeliers at the Elkins Estate Details of a wedding reception table set up with ornate chairs and large chandeliers in a gold trim room at the Elkins Estate

About The Elkins Estate Wedding Venue

Elkins Estate is home to the stunning Elstowe Manor, an incredible mansion that makes a visual statement inside and out. Originally built in 1898 by William L. Elkins, the incredible interior features stunning marble columns, crystal chandeliers, and frescoed ceilings. 

Design elements like gold leafing and gilded molding add luxury to the home unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. After remaining in the Elkins family for over 50 years, the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine de’Ricci used it as a retreat center, preserving its original Italian Renaissance-style architecture. 

More recently, Landmark Hospitality acquired and reimagined it as an incredible event venue. Having recently reopened in the spring of 2023, Elkins Estate is now a premier venue for lavish weddings and celebrations. 

A groom in a black tuxedo holds his lapel while standing outside Newlyweds stand together holding hands under a large arch on a terrace NEwlyweds share a kiss while standing on a garden terrace at the Elkins Estate A groom kisses the head of his bride while standing outside at their wedding venue Newlyweds lean in for a kiss under a flower arch of white and pink roses Details of a bride's bouquet as she holds it down her side Newlyweds share a moment together on a large terrace overlooking the grounds of the Elkins Estate A bride smiles while standing on a terrace overlooking a garden

Details of the Grounds

Elstowe Manor offers the best of both worlds: a spectacular outdoor ceremony site and incredible indoor spaces for a celebration full of old-world grandeur. Plus, with room to accommodate up to 400 guests, you can let your guest list grow! 

Your ceremony will be held in the back of the estate, framed by majestic stone staircases that cascade down from the Elstowe Manor. Adorn an elegant archway with signature florals for a romantic touch unique to your beautiful wedding. You can also position your ceremony to face the other direction with a stunning tree and a rolling lawn as your backdrop, the Manor behind your guests. 

Then, enjoy cocktail hour and your reception indoors. These spaces will give your guests a taste of the true grandeur of the estate, with golden accents, carved and painted ceilings, and magnificent arched windows. Your reception space, a ballroom, features a black and white checkered marble floor and built-in bars for extra ease and elegance. 

A bride laughs over her shoulder while standing on a terrace at the Elkins Estate Newlyweds walk up a grand staircase with green carpet in the Elkins Estate A bride in a lace dress stands in a large french door in the getting ready room of the Elkins Estate A bride lounges on a pink antique couch under an arch on a patio of the luxurious Elkins Estate A bride rests her head on her hands while sitting on a pink antique couch outside A bride twirls her dress and dances at the entrance and iron doors of the Elkins Estate A bride sits and leans back on the steps to the entrance to the Elkins Estate A bride holds her dress while walking up the steps to the large doors of her wedding venue

Photography Opportunities

The grounds of Elkins Estate are spectacular for romantic photos. From stately balustrades overlooking the property to beautifully maintained landscaping, the gardens create a lush and natural aesthetic. Inside the Manor, lavish architectural features like carvings, columns, and antique light fixtures are perfect for portraits that look formal but are full of charm and character. 

A bride leans on a column at the main entrance to the grand Elkins Estate A bride stands in a large glass door leaning on it at the Elkins Estate Details of the facade of the luxurious Elkins Estate A bride sits on a pink couch outside looking down her dress at the Elkins Estate Newlyweds walk with arms around each other on a terrace Newlyweds walk hand in hand through a balcony Newlyweds stand close outside as the bride holds a lapel of the black tuxedo A bride pulls back her hair while sstanding at the bottom of the stairs of the main entrance to a wedding venue A bride leans on a railing looking out to a garden holding a large bouquet A bride leans against a cement column on a patio with a diamond hair piece

Wedding Details

Despite its size, Elkins Estate only hosts one celebration at a time. Hence, you’ll have exclusive access to the estate all day. Plenty of spaces are available for you, your partner, and your respective parties to get ready for the day. Each has the personality and beauty the rest of the house exudes. 

Plus, Elkins Estate offers onsite accommodations so you and your guests can conveniently stay close to your celebration! Guests will also love taking advantage of historic walking tours of the estate and learning more about the story behind this remarkable property. 

Details of a long wedding reception table with gold silverware Details of a cake sitting under ornate gold decor and wall sconces Newlyweds hold hands and walk through their wedding reception seeing it for the first time Newlyweds stand close in an ornate wedding reception room at the Elkins Estate Details of a luxury wedding table reception with pink roses at the Elkins Estate A bride leans into her groom as they stand in front of a large mirror with gold frame A bride rests a hand on her hip while standing at the front entrance to the luxurious Elkins Estate A bride holds her large bouquet up to her cheek while standing in a large arch at the top of an outdoor set of stairs A bride leans on a railing with one arm while holding a large bouquet in the other hand under a large arch

Elkins Estate Wedding

An Elkins Estate wedding is a statement in and of itself, transporting your love story to a different era. If you’re searching for a venue that can truly impress, look no further than Elkins Estate! 

It would be my honor to help you capture every lavish detail and intimate moment of your wedding day as your experienced wedding photographer. Let’s connect!