Rochelle Park Wedding - Stephanie + Vinny -

Rochelle Park Wedding – Stephanie + Vinny


Stephanie and Vinny had the most beautiful day for their Rochelle Park Wedding! It was the perfect backdrop for this equally as stunning couple. The joy on their faces was truly contagious, as Stephanie and Vinny tied the knot amidst their closest friends and family. After all the uncertainty that the last year brought, it was incredible to experience this story of true love first hand!

The Love Story

When Stephanie and Vinny met for their first date at Woodstone Pizza Bar and Grill, she was early. She arrived and was looking for him, wondering when he was going to walk inside the restaurant, so that she could follow him in. Vinny was one step ahead of her… He arrived early too, and he saw Stephanie waiting in her car. Vinny made his first move. He snuck up to the side of her car, tapped on her window, and she jumped! She was totally surprised and nearly jumped through the roof! It broke the ice, and they laughed. The conversation flowed naturally from there on out, and the laughs have not stopped since!

After some time of being together, Vinny decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Stephanie. This surprise would be a little different than the first one! Vinny planned the perfect, romantic moment for his proposal to Stephanie.  They were going to spend some time in the jacuzzi together, and Stephanie got in and stood there, finding a song on the radio while she waited for Vinny. As he approached her, she began to sit down. He asked her to remain standing because it was his turn to kneel. Vinny asked her, “Stephanie, will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?”. Stephanie was so excited that she did not even say yes! She just hugged him and kissed him until he asked for her answer again. Of course the answer was yes, and just like that wedding planning began!

Glam Room Prep in FairField NJ

The morning of the wedding, Stephanie was joined by her mother, daughter, sister, and niece. The space was flooded with bright natural light and covered in beautiful neutral décor!  These hues were the perfect complement to the brides’ delicate details. The soft blush bouquet that cascaded from her arms was elegant and beautiful. We loved having extra loose stems from the florist to photograph! Stephanie’s lace train was gorgeous, and she had a fingertip length veil that made her shine even brighter on this lovely day!

Hackensack Church Wedding Ceremony

Stephanie and Vinny got married at the church that Stephanie attended when she was growing up. The ceremony was intimate, shared amongst family and friends. Vinny saw Stephanie walking down the aisle, and those infectious smiles were at it again. With tears in his eyes, he watched as Stephanie walked towards him. It did not take long for the tears of joy to spread from just his face, throughout the crowd to nearly all their guests (photographers included)! For the first time as Mr. and Mrs., they strutted out of the church hand and hand, as their guests gleefully cheered them on. Bubbles were blown, and champagne was toasted! They had a timeless 1959 Bentley to escort them to the party! It was time to celebrate!

Hackensack Husband and Wife Portraits

We had so much fun shooting Stephanie and Vinny’s husband and wife portraits! When Vinny said, “I do,” he meant it! He was so happy to do anything he needed for his bride. And on their wedding day, that meant helping carry and fluff her train. The way these two looked at each other was as classic as the 1959 Bentley behind them!

Rochelle Park Wedding Reception

We love that this Rochelle Park Wedding took us back to where their story began. The reception was held at the same location where they had their first date! There was a beautiful tribute to Vinny’s late father. We were so appreciative to have a private table set up. Not only that, but Vinny brought a platter of appetizers to our table after realizing that we had not been served yet! The food was delicious!  

We must take a moment here to thank Vinny and Stephanie for their generosity. It always felt as if we were among friends with this couple. Vinny shared a story with us, about how Stephanie made him believe in love again, something he was not sure of previously. He made us cry again! The two of them gifted us their countdown chalkboard, and we are honored to have received not only this gift from our couple, but also the timeless gift of their friendship. We are so grateful to have been a part of Stephanie and Vinny’s timeless love story and beautiful wedding day!

Photographer and Videographer: Diana and Korey Photo and Film
Ceremony Location: First Presbyterian Church
Reception Location: Woodstone Pizza Bar and Grill
Bridal Gown/Veil: Bijou Bridal
Hair: on Instagram
Makeup: Farah Sky Beauty
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bijou Bridal
Florist: AU Florist

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  1. Stephanie Biscardi says:

    It was a perfect day! Thank you to both you and Korey for capturing every beautiful moment. It was a pleasure working with you and glad we could share it with you guys.

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