Hudson House Wedding for Magnificent Views & Accommodations

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New York City has one of the most iconic skylines worldwide. From the historical landmarks to the renowned skyscrapers, it’s about one of the most remarkable sites. And while you can find countless tours letting you get a pretty good picture, no one does it like Hudson House wedding venue. This venue in Jersey City overlooks the New York City skyline, giving you a chance to have a view almost as memorable as your wedding. If you’ve been trying to find a luxurious venue around New Jersey, let us tell you why you’ll love this one. 

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About the Hudson House Wedding Venue

Hudson House is a stunning space owned by Landmark Venues. Jeanne and Frank Cretella started Landmark Venues over forty years ago to provide top-of-the-line hospitality across New England. Jeanne and Frank are known for their commitment to great times through their Memorymaker team members. Hudson House is a restoration project that features clean lines, floor-to-ceiling windows, and of course, one of the best views in the world. 

Details of invitations for a Hudson House wedding A bride sits in white pajamas with her bridal party surrounding her on a bed in black pajamas A bride holds her flowers while standing in a window in her getting ready suite for a Hudson House wedding A bride stands in a window while looking back at her train while getting ready A bride reveals her dress to her bridal party in a hotel room for a Hudson House wedding A bride stands with her bridal party outside a hotel window

Details of the Grounds

The Hudson House wedding venue has three different ceremony spaces perfect. The Outdoor Grounds and Garden are its exclusive outdoor space. This area rests just feet from the Hudson and offers breathtaking views of the city. The Hudson Room is a smaller indoor space with a premium bar and floor-to-ceiling windows. The Grand Ballroom is the largest space and has floor-to-ceiling windows that expand to the top of the cathedral ceilings to give you the city’s best views. 

Details of a groom's shoes, ring, cufflinks, suspenders and boutanier A groom attaches his suspenders while getting ready for his wedding A father helps his son put on a tuxedo jacket while standing in a getting ready room A groom stands in a window adjusting his cufflinks A groom walks through a revolving door in a blue tuxedo jacket and black pants A groom in a blue tuxedo stands with his groomsmen all wearing black A groom adjusts his cuffs while standing on a patio with his groomsmen at a Hudson House wedding

 The Hudson Room and the Grand Ballroom can also double as reception spaces. The Hudson Room has plenty of space for dancing. In contrast, the Grand Ballroom has gorgeous light fixtures constructed to resemble the flashing lights of Manhattan. 

You can have your cocktail hour on a different floor than your ceremony and reception. The Hudson Room has one of the finest bars with plenty of space so multiple bartenders can craft signature drinks. The mezzanine in the Grand Ballroom has a wraparound bar for another option. 

Details of a cathedral setup for a wedding ceremony A father walks his daughter down the aisle of a church for her wedding Newlyweds kiss at the altar of an ornate church Newlyweds kiss at the end of the aisle in a large church while their guests clap and cheer Details of the exterior of the Hudson House wedding venue Details of a wedding reception entrance decorated with a sign and white flowers

Fantastic Room Options

The Grand Suite is used for a bridal suite, while the Hudson Suite can serve as a groom’s room. Both areas are spacious, so you can spread out and relax with your party before the wedding. 

The Grand Ballroom can comfortably host up to 550 people. At the same time, the Hudson Room has a capacity of 300-500 guests, depending on the seating arrangement. 

The Grand Ballroom has a mezzanine where you can set up a DJ. Each space has crisp white walls and modern flooring to suit any wedding style. 

Details of a wedding reception setup in a room lined with two story floor to ceiling windows at a Hudson House wedding Details of a wedding reception venue with black linens and clear plastic chairs beneath a modern chandelier Details of a wedding reception table set with champagne and white rose centerpieces at a Hudson House wedding Details of white florals on clear stands as centerpieces for a wedding reception Details of a table setting at a wedding reception with white florals Details of a wedding reception setup with black linen and clear plastic chairs at a Hudson House wedding A party of guests sit at reception tables chatting at a Hudson House wedding

Photography Opportunities

The light streaming through the windows provides perfect natural lighting throughout the day. The stairs that connect the floors have intricate railings that serve as a magnificent backdrop. The Gardens and the rooftop are ideal for outdoor pictures, and the mezzanine of the Grand Ballroom gives your photographer an excellent option for capturing the entire party. 

A groom in a blue tux stands on a riverfront boardwalk with hands in his pockets A groom waits for his bride to call him for their first look on a waterfront boardwalk A groom smiles big as his bride walks toward him on a waterfront boardwalk Newlyweds stand on a boardwalk in front of the Manhattan skyline Newlyweds stand together on a side street paved with stone Newlyweds embrace in an alley A groom stands in a stone paved alley with hands in his pockets in a blue tuxedo at a Hudson House wedding Newlyweds wave and to a city cruise boat that is cheering for them Newlyweds walk hand in hand through a park across the river from New York City A bride holds onto the arm of her husband in a grassy park with Manhattan in the background A bride hops on her husbands back while they walk through a grassy field A groom lifts his bride on a patio overlooking the water and the New York City Skyline at a Hudson House wedding

Wedding Details

Hudson House is known for its decadent food and has a menu you can customize for your wedding. The Landmark Venues company offers top-of-the-line hospitality services to make your special day the wedding of your dreams.

Newlyweds dance on the dance floor with a live band surrounded by their guests at a Hudson House wedding Newlyweds stand next to a painting of them dancing at their Hudson House wedding Newlyweds stand together as they cut their four tier white cake and hold the knife together Newlyweds dance together for the first time surrounded by their guests at a Hudson House wedding Newlyweds and friends laugh while listening to toasts Hudson House wedding

Hudson House Wedding

The Hudson House wedding venue is a fabulous option for couples looking for an accommodating location with magnificent views. You’ll adore this stylish space and all it has to offer!

Are you searching for a wedding photographer to capture your special day? We’re Diana and Korey, a married couple that loves love, and we want to be there to document your wedding! Contact us today to find out more. And for more NJ wedding content, check out the blog links below.

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