Legacy Castle Wedding Venue | Perfect Location for a Fairytale Wedding

If you envision running down long, dramatic hallways in the dress of your dreams, boy, do I have the wedding venue for you to check out. As a wedding photographer, I have seen my fair share of stunning wedding venues, but this one truly takes the cake. Your fairytale day will be unlike any other, with a wedding held at The Legacy Castle wedding venue.

About The Legacy Castle Wedding Venue

The Legacy Castle wedding venue was initially purchased in 1998 and envisioned by entrepreneur Mounir Badaan. This castle was Badaan’s last and most cherished project after 30 years of experience in luxury real estate. Located in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, this castle was dedicated to providing fairytale and storybook weddings. Surrounded by 17 acres of freshwater lakes and inspired by late 19th-century architecture, your guests will be talking about your wedding venue for years to come.

Details of the Grounds

At the Legacy Castle wedding venue, you can choose from a few spaces for your ceremony, reception, and cocktail hour. For your ceremony, you can choose from any indoor ballrooms on the property. This includes the Mayfair and Bristol Rooms, each holding 125 guests, and the Windsor and Kingston Rooms, each holding 350 guests. You can also choose the Grand Legacy Ballroom, which holds 1500 guests and has over 14,000 square feet with a white and gold scheme.

Couples can choose the Scenia Peninsula for an outdoor ceremony space, surrounded by a lake, beautiful trees, and a lush green lawn. You can also select the Elegant Rooftop, which overlooks greenery, views of both lakes, fire pits, and has open-air space). In addition to your reception, you can choose any of the ballrooms for your ceremony above, depending on the number of guests you invite.

If you plan on having a cocktail hour, you can utilize any other smaller spaces at the Legacy Castle wedding venue. There are three different areas in total to choose from. If you are also looking for a getting ready space, you can request to use one of the four bridal suites available, which feature mirrors, bathrooms, and plenty of room to take your wedding portraits as you get ready.

Photography Opportunities

The Legacy Castle wedding venue is not short of any locations to take photos in. With an extensive and luxurious space, you’re sure to get plenty of photos to remember your special day. Here are some of the key places for you to check out with stellar photographic opportunities:
– Photo Garden with a fountain
– Scenic Peninsula overlooking the lake
– The grand lobby staircase
– Under the archway on the driveway
– In front of the castle

Wedding Details

When you book your wedding day, you can expect to pay around $300 per person on nights that are in season. The cost of hosting 1500 guests nears $500,000, but you can, of course, host much less if that is what you prefer for your day. When booking, you can bring off-site caterers or choose from signature, elite menu options at the castle.

Legacy Castle Wedding

Book the wedding of your dreams at a location that will come straight out of a fairytale. At the Legacy Castle wedding venue, you can treat yourself and the love of your life to a day of celebrating your romantic and forever love.


Captured in association with Dyanna LaMora Photography

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  1. […] Legacy Castle Wedding Venue | Perfect Location for a Fairytale Wedding […]

  2. […] Legacy Castle Wedding Venue | Perfect Location for a Fairytale Wedding […]

  3. […] Legacy Castle Wedding Venue | Perfect Location for a Fairytale Wedding […]

  4. […] Legacy Castle Wedding Venue | Perfect Location for a Fairytale Wedding […]

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