Oheka Castle Wedding: Exquisite Ceremony at a Historic Estate

Details of the front facade of the Oheka Castle and gardens

Living stateside doesn’t mean you must give up your dreams of feeling like royalty on your wedding day! Oheka Castle in Huntington, NY is a spectacular historic estate with formal gardens, breathtaking ballrooms, and a storied past. If you dream of a royal wedding for your special day, an Oheka Castle wedding could be the perfect fit. 

Details of a long wedding reception table set up outside in the lawn of the Oheka Castle Details of a wedding reception table set up outside Details of a wedding reception set up outside with gold silverware and colorful florals at the Oheka Castle Details of a wedding invitation, rings, flowers and save the date sit on a pink table Details of a long tree lined path of gravel at the Oheka Castle wedding venue

About The Oheka Castle Wedding Venue

Financier and philanthropist Otto Hermann Kahn built Oheka Castle over a hundred years ago. At the time, it was the second-largest private residence in the country! It served as a summer home and a place to host lavish parties with guest lists of celebrities, heads of state, and royalty. After Kahn died in 1934, the estate changed hands several times, used as a corporate retreat and a government training school. 

In the 1940s, the Eastern Military Academy bought Oheka, doing some significant damage by bulldozing the gardens, subdividing rooms, and more. After going bankrupt, the castle sat abandoned and vandalized, falling into ruin. 

Then, in 1984, the 22 remaining acres of the estate were purchased by developer Gary Melius, who poured his heart, time, and money into restoring the castle to its former glory. Today, nearly 40 years and over $40 million in restorations later, Oheka Castle is on the National Register of Historic Places, among many other historic organizations. Additionally, you may even recognize it from several movies and television shows! 

A bride looks over her shoulder while walking in the gravel patio of the Oheka Castle A bride walks down a gravel road lined with tall trees looking over her shoulder A bride stands in the large entrance to the Oheka Castle Newlyweds dip and kiss under a large chandelier in the Oheka Castle Details of a wedding ceremony set up in the Oheka Castle garden lawn

Details of the Grounds

Oheka Castle has some incredible venue spaces for weddings of all sizes. In every room, you can imagine what it was like when Oheka was in its prime, hosting extraordinary events with unbelievable guests. 

If you intend to host your ceremony onsite, you can exchange vows in the spectacular formal gardens. With serene reflecting pools, impeccable landscaping, and views of the back of the castle, it’s a remarkable place to promise the rest of your life to your partner. 

Newlyweds lean in for a kiss while standing in a colorful garden at the Oheka Castle Newlyweds stand in a garden in a black tuxedo and long veil Newlyweds laugh and walk through a large floral arch at their Oheka Castle wedding ceremony Newlyweds kiss among a large display of colorful florals during a wedding ceremony A groom in a black tuxedo holds his lapel while standing on garden steps

Then, gather with up to 350 of your friends and family for a lavish sit-down dinner at tables surrounding a huge dance floor. The Terrace Room also features ornate crystal chandeliers, curved walls of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the grounds, and elegant molding. 

The Grand Ballroom is another wonderful alternative for a reception (or an indoor ceremony.) Hardwood floors, stunning crystal chandeliers, unique architectural touches, and two majestic fireplaces make the space feel formal yet comfortable. The walls feature historic artwork in gilded frames, reminiscent of an era of glamor and opulence. 

A bride smiles over her shoulder while standing amongst a large flower display in a garden A bride smiles over her shoulder while holding her bouquet around matching colorful flowers in a garden A bride stands amongst a large colorful flower arch with hands on her hips in a garden Newlyweds walk hand in hand through the gardens of the Oheka Castle Newlyweds lean on a classes convertible on a tree lined gravel road at the entrance to the Oheka Castle

Photography Opportunities

It goes without saying that the formal gardens and the exterior of the castle are incredible for breathtaking photos. Oheka Castle’s interior also shines for portraits that exude elegance, history, and character. From magnificent staircases to elegant wallpapers and textiles to grand fireplaces, there are many beautiful features to use throughout your castle-inspired wedding album. 

Newlyweds share an intimate moment while standing in the door of an antique convertible on a gravel tree lined road at Oheka Castle A groom in a black tuxedo kisses the hand of his bride as they walk through a gravel road at the Oheka Castle Newlyweds gaze at each other while standing over a colorful outdoor reception table at an Oheka Castle wedding Newlyweds stand at their outdoor cake table holding champagne glasses at an Oheka Castle wedding

Wedding Details

In addition to serving as a spectacular event venue, Oheka Castle is also a hotel. Their 34 comfortable, luxury guest rooms are ideal for guests interested in staying onsite – and who doesn’t want to stay in a castle?! You and your partner will receive a complimentary bridal suite on your wedding night so you can finish your day truly feeling like royalty. 

Furthermore, Oheka Castle has in-house catering prepared by world-class chefs. They will prepare your entire meal and wedding cake on site, creating a memorable dining experience for you and your guests. 

Oheka Castle Wedding

In conclusion, an Oheka Castle wedding gives you all the glamor, history, and romance of a castle without traveling abroad. 

As an experienced wedding photographer, I can help you create a wedding album that takes advantage of every gorgeous detail of Oheka Castle. Want to know more? Let’s chat!

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