Bridal Wedding Day Detail Tips -

Bridal Wedding Day Detail Tips

Wedding Day Tips

Your big day is almost here! After months of planning and finding the perfect vendors for your big day, it’s finally time to plan all of the finishing touches. But what exactly does that mean from a photography standpoint?

Check out this list of items you should have ready on your wedding day so that your photographer can create editorial images that will look amazing in your wedding album and gallery!

Complete Invitation Suite and Envelopes

Having an extra invitation suite will not only be an amazing keepsake for you and your partner, but they will also showcase your style, theme and overall color scheme. If you are working with a stationer or calligrapher, have them address one envelope with your venue to add an extra element to your photos.


Wedding Bouquets

If you’re wondering when your florist should arrive with your flowers, you are in luck! You should ask your florist to bring your flowers before your photographer arrives. Your photographer will be able to create stunning images with your florals and they add lots of depth and color to your detail photos. Bonus points if your florist can also bring you some loose florals and greenery!


Wedding Rings

It may seem intuitive for the groom to start the day off with the wedding bands since it is traditional for the Best Man to hang onto them for the ceremony. However, your photographer would probably prefer to have all rings in one place, with the bride. This way, the rings can be included with the flat lay photos.


Ring Box or Dish

Having a personalized ring box or dish is another way you can add to the overall aesthetics of your photos! Just imagine your beautiful engagement ring in a perfect velvet ring box that matches your overall color scheme. The Mrs. Box is a favorite amongst many photographers!


A fresh bottle of perfume

Splurge on a new bottle of perfume and every time you smell it, your senses will take you back to your wedding day! Having a fresh bottle will also add even more variety to your gallery!


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