Park Avenue Club Wedding Venue for Private Luxury Events

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Park Avenue Club isn’t just about stellar food, wine, and hospitality; they were founded on the principles of charity and giving back to its community. As a private dining club, they take pleasure in feeding their dedicated members. Still, as a gorgeous event space, they thrive on hosting luxury weddings that are timeless, entertaining, and memorable. Read on to learn a little about why a Park Avenue Club wedding is unlike any other! 

About The Park Avenue Club Wedding Venue

Park Avenue Club is an organization rooted in charity. Founded in 1894 by a local order of nuns, it began with a mission to collect donations in their large dairy barn to give to the needy and support the community. One hundred years later, over 600 businesses and 2,500 individuals came together to restore the dilapidated barn and establish Park Avenue Club. 

Today, Park Avenue Club’s memberships still help support their commitment to charity, and every event they host contributes to their philanthropic mission. Since 1994, they have distributed over $6 million to thirteen local charities and cultural organizations! 

Now, they offer daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a luxury private setting for their members to enjoy with friends, family, colleagues, and clients. 

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Details of the Grounds

Park Avenue Club recently underwent an $8.5 million renovation and construction project, making it one of the newest state-of-the-art private event venues in Morris County. They have two grand indoor spaces, perfect for customizing the wedding of your dreams. 

Depending on your desired space setup, the Pavilion room accommodates between 50 – 400 guests. It has beautiful vaulted ceilings, oversized windows, and beautiful French doors open to a cozy, private patio. 

The Ballroom also hosts up to 400 guests and features 24’ high ceilings and large glass window walls with French doors that open up to an expansive patio. Envision draping the statement chandeliers in delicate greenery and transforming the space with colorful lighting that matches your wedding aesthetic. The Ballroom and the Pavilion Room are relatively neutral in design and coloring, so you can completely customize your decor to whatever you desire! 

Park Avenue Club does not have designated spots for bridal parties to get ready for the day, so many couples will choose to do hair and makeup offsite. If you want to have both your ceremony and reception indoors, then you can book both the Pavilion Room and the Ballroom for your wedding. Still, it’s also popular to have your ceremony offsite in a church or synagogue and party it up at Park Avenue Club afterward! 

Photography Opportunities

There are plenty of beautiful places to take photos at Park Avenue Club. The exterior of their building is gorgeous, stately red brick, and features charismatic farmhouse doors that make for elegant outdoor pictures that will make your wedding dress pop. Park Avenue Club also has lovely landscaping, including a koi pond and an arched bridge for lovely seasonal photos. 

Their garden pathway lights up with vintage lamp posts that are also great for romantic portraits. Indoors, their beautiful architecture, statement light fixtures, and bright natural light will look beautiful in any party pictures, capturing every moment on the dance floor with your guests!

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Wedding Details

There are definitely perks to having your wedding at a private dining club: the award-winning team of culinary chefs, an in-house sommelier and mixologist, a personal event planner, and a staff dedicated to your unique needs. Food and beverages are all provided in-house by Park Avenue Club, as are tables and chairs, personalized menu cards, votive candles, and white linens for your tables. Plus, when you have your wedding at Park Avenue Club, you’ll receive a one-year membership to continue dining with them and know that you support local charities in our community!

Park Avenue Club Wedding

A Park Avenue Club wedding is about elegance, great food, and giving back. Your guests will be wowed by their beautiful venue, impressed by the attention to detail, and, most importantly, they’ll be thrilled to watch you and the love of your life celebrate your new beginning together with such a beautiful celebration. Check out their website for pictures and details and learn more about their philanthropic mission. 

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